What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

Skin breakouts happen but they don't have to last long! Here are my top 3 tips for dealing with your skin during this tough time.


ONE: Remain Calm

Stress and hormones are the two main reasons for breakouts. I know it can get overwhelming and hard to keep calm especially when these skin breakouts happen to occur during the most unwanted times. Take a deep breath, I promise you will be okay and your skin will be as lovely as ever soon. The best thing to do is to remain calm, I know it's easier said than done, but you can do it!


TWO: Do Not Pick 

There is nothing worse then picking at a pimple you might be trying to get rid of it but we all know that we just end up with a red bump and pimple still there ready to come back. The damage you cause to your skin is more than just the obvious visible redness. When you pick at a pimple incorrectly two things could occur, for one the dirt and debris can be pushed further down causing an infection and as if that wasn't bad enough you could cause permanent scarring to your face as a result of your picking. I know its tempting and it’s staring right at you in the mirror but don't do it! 


THREE: Continue your regimen

In the past, I would stop using all of my products because I feared it would agitate my skin or cause my breakouts to worsen during this time. The truth is there is no need to stop! It didn't make much sense that I would stop cleansing, or moisturizing during my breakouts. I soon learned that it was imperative to keep up with my regimen during this time. I keep jaques skin Acne Pads ($35) in my drawer at all times. If I see a pimple starting to develop I use an acne pad during my morning and night skincare routine. These acne pads contain both glycolic and salicylic acid, the most effective products used to fight acne. This process helps my skin clear up by helping the dead skin cells fall and allowing my pores to remain unclogged. I use them in combination with my personal favorite jaques skin green tea face cleanser ($40) and just like that my skin is back to radiant glowing skin. The importance of self-care and a regular skincare routine while using the right products is a huge plus!

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