glowing skin is ALWAYS in

glowing skin is ALWAYS in

It’s no secret there are multiple factors at play when it comes to achieving radiant glowing skin. During this time at home, we have the opportunity to develop healthy self-care habits, so why not start with the largest organ in the body? the skin.

Now I will be completely honest, it’s only 9 am and I am already on my 3rd cup of coffee (but hey, everything in moderation... including moderation?). So what does it take to truly have that glowing skin you've always dreamt of?


is key. When speaking of hydration it is not only your skin but your body. Try this: drink your 8 cups of water for at least a week straight and see what it does to your skin! (you're welcome in advance) Now let's talk about skincare. jaques green tea cleansing wash( $40); a soap-free cleanser- while still containing the proper ingredients to fight free radicals and thoroughly remove dirt and oil from the skin without leaving that dry feeling. (ahh so fresh!)


jaques green tea exfoliation scrub($60); a warming scrub that helps slough off all dead and dry skin cells revealing your radiance! Not to mention the warming sensation makes you feel like you're at a five-star spa resort all in the comfort of your own home or vacation destination. I exfoliate max 3 times a week. Just as important as it is to exfoliate your skin for the blood circulation to give you that glowing look it is important to make sure you do not over-exfoliate! 


brightening serum ($125) & Brightening pads ($80)

Both working to target and treat brown spots and sun damage, what's not to love?! The serum is all-natural ingredients offering a gentle and moisturizing feel. I love applying a thick layer to create my own brightening mask on weekends! I apply 3 pumps allowing my skin to soak in all of the goodness, no need to wash off before bed. Now the pads are an excellent option if you're looking for something a bit stronger allowing you to mix hydroquinone into the natural ingredients. Let's be honest who doesn't love using face pads... perfect for these days at home.

Creating the perfect skincare routine will reap rewards. Your skin will thank you and you will see how your skin will put its glowing face you’ve been waiting for. Healthy #skincare is life!

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