FOUR tips to keeping your skin hydrated

FOUR tips to keeping your skin hydrated

For all of fall and winter seasonal highs (hot pumpkin spice lattes, fire gatherings, holiday celebrations, and ice-skating at LA live), come the few unattractive skin side effects to note. The combination of harsh weather and dry indoor air can affect our skin dramatically, often leaving it feeling less than ideal, but it doesn’t have to happen this year. With the cold, dry weather approaching, we can adapt these 4 tips from the skin experts at Aesthetic MdR to keep our skin healthy and above all, hydrated during this time of the year.


The 4 tips to keep your skin in tiptop shape during this chilly and dry season


1.) A fragrance-free, soap-free face cleanser without drying ingredients is ideal for everyday use. Keep your natural oils with our green tea cleansing wash to protect overall moister during this harsh weather.


2.) Dry skin will stay dry without a little buff, so don’t skip out on light exfoliation this time of year. Use an exfoliator like our green tea exfoliating scrub to keep your skin hydrated.


3.) Give your skin a boost of hydration with a facial spray to keep your skin moist and maximize your moisturizers powers. Spray before moisturizing and enjoy the boost of hydration.


4.) Hydrate your skin with a rich moisturizer daily, morning and night. One of the most important and often overlooked steps of the dry skin-care routine is using a seriously hydrating moisturizer. We recommend our renewal moisturizer from jaques skin.


Follow these 4 simple tips from the skin professionals at Aesthetic MdR and help your skin stay hydrated, healthy, and glowing during dry weather.

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