Acne prone skin? We got you covered!

Acne prone skin? We got you covered!

Are you tired of the constant battle with breakouts, flare-ups, pimples, and blemishes? As Skin Health Experts, we’re here to help guide you on your acne-fighting journey. By building an easy but effective day and night skincare routine, we can help combat acne-prone skin, and jaques skin has the products you need to get you started!

First, we must be aware that acne treatments do not work overnight and that the results will come when you follow your daily skincare routine. It can also vary from one person to the next and types of acne, but when we are patient and consistent it is possible to appreciate the improvements in four to six weeks.

We have outlined a simple but effective skincare routine to help clear, prevent and keep your acne-prone skin flawless.

1.) Daily day and night cleansing

Basic? Yes, we know, but cleansing is essential for all skin types. To prevent the pores from being clogged in acne-prone skins we need to remove excess oil, sweat, and pollution that accumulates throughout the day. We recommend using a soap-free cleansing gel such as our Green Tea Cleansing Wash.

2.) Exfoliate

An exfoliant with a blend of antioxidants to smooth the skin and assist with minimizing skin damage is a great asset to the team no blemish. jaques skin offers a green tea exfoliating scrub that is fortified with green and white tea. The exfoliate delivers a soothing wave of heat to remove dead skin cells and reveal a bright, fresh complexion.

3.) Tone with acne pads

It’s necessary to use an acne-fighting toning pad to balance the pH on our skin after cleansing. You can use our acne pads AM and PM to help remove dead skin, excess oils and to promote calm smoothing skin.

4.) Hydration and protection

We need a clean, high-quality moisturizer to reinforce our natural protective barrier. Most importantly, it is key to choose a moisturizer with an optimal level of hydration like our renewal moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

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